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MENU PER BAMBINI (Children's Menu)


Classic Spaghetti and Meatball alla Isabella

A child-friendly portion of spaghetti in our classic homemade sauce accompanied by one delectable & hearty meatball $15.00


Federica’s Orecchiette

Beautifully simple pairing of little bowl shaped pasta tossed in fresh butter accompanied by grated parmigiana cheese on the side $ 15.00


Ziti Asparagus alla Carmelo

A child-friendly portion of the D’Angelo’s classic Ziti & fiber-rich asparagus sautéed in a pink cheese sauce $ 15.00


Rockin Ravioli

Two generously sized homemade ravioli filled with delicate and creamy ricotta cheese, topped with your choice of marinara, meat sauce or simply sautéed in butter $15.00


D ‘Angelo’s Style Chicken Fingers

Our take on the children’s classic: fresh strips of chicken breast are pounded thin and coated in our signature mix of homemade breadcrumbs, Italian seasoning, fresh parsley & parmesan cheese and then gently fried to a golden crisp-delicioso! $ 16.00


Tony’s Classic Meatballs

Sometimes kids just want to hold off on the spaghetti. Two generously sized meatballs in our house red gravy are served with a side of French fries $15.00


Contorno French Fries $7.00


Vegetable of the Day: Seasonal fresh vegetables sautéed in olive oil and garlic $10.00



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